A Likely Story

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt must have been a robber
It must have been a thief
It must have been a pirate king
Who else could have done such a terrible thing?

Not me!


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Sean’s Big Mouth

Sean, Sean, swallowed a fire
Swallowed a bath to put it out
Sean, Sean, opened wider
Swallowed the bathtub, swallowed the house

Sean, Sean, Sean got tired
Mother said It’s time for bed
Sean, Sean, Sean expired
When he swallowed his own head.

Gone Sean

We thought we’d gotten rid of Sean.
We threw him out onto the lawn.

We boarded all the windows
And shut the door – ker-SLAM!
We locked it up,
                   and nailed it shut,
And sealed the cracks with jam

And then we turned out all the lights
For one whole day and seven nights.

But when we thought he’d finally gone
We turned around, and —

                                             there was Sean!